Untitled - Huge Acrylic Painting

Untitled - Huge Acrylic Painting
Untitled - Huge Acrylic Painting Untitled - Huge Acrylic Painting Untitled - Huge Acrylic Painting
Brand: Cherie Dodds
Product Code: Untitled - Huge Acrylic Painting with poem
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Gift Wrapping:

Original Acrylic Painting & words by Cherie Dodds, ready to hang.

This one is huge, 146cm wide x 115cm high. Please get in contact with your address to discuss delivery options and costs, do not purchase without this unless in Taranaki.

Wording is:

Portion 1 - She dances through time and space, my dark ballerina, like she so often does.

My dreams glide along her arms, shaping and being shaped.

My emotions, so crystal clear, lift her feet and dip her body in a parody of joy, despair and hope.

My blood sometimes falls from her eyes over her cheeks.

My life and death drive her dance.

After all she is me and this is the way it should be and will be.

Stars glitter over her wavering body.

*the universe shifts*

Portion 2 - A small huddled figure, silent now, caked in dust always.

The tears have stopped raging, the wails ceased.

Small disturbances in the gleaming motes floating in the air tell the story of the futile violence of limbs, clenched fists past.

The child huddles, yearning to be able to trust.

*the picture twists*

Portion 3 - We stand in a crowd who all smile and talk, touching, invading.

They try and take, try and divide so we build walls.

The walls stretch to the skies heavens, shifting and muttering. The crowd push through individually, grasping red brick hands demanding to be liked, pouring dry dust in our eyes.

We turn to each other and cling wanitng only a friend without demands, a friend who is.

I am so lonely.

*life whirls by*

Portion 4 - A cool blue cavern, peaceful and dreaming.

It holds the comforts and memories of a life, calming the one who calls it home.

But passion crawls on the bed, screaming for release, wanting to rip the love from the walls in jealousy, consign the peace to flames so it burns, anger.

Duty cages the beast.

It only gleams in sad eyes and reveals itself in the twist of a mouth.

*the wheel spins*

Portion 5 - I stand on the highest cliff, breathe the pure joy of life in through my nostrils as wind caresses my cheek and I close my eyes and grin. So free! How good it is to live!

But the world, the infinite multiverse swirls within;

The dancer sways

The child cries

The walls climb and reclimb

The beast writhes

I will to burst like the ripe seed, feel the skin fall off, spread my no arms and disperse into atoms.

Be the pure wind flowing, be the quiet earth, rest and dance and never need physical comfort, never hurt.

Never hurt deep down inside, like a shiny nail driven clean down into the soul spirit, the psyche pain such that the physical eyes close momentarily.

Just breathe in forever.

*So free*


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